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Organic Fertilizer
Granular Fertilizer

Renaissance All Natural Organic Fertilizers are manufactured by PJC and use All Natural ingredients. Since 1994, Renaissance Fertilizers have been used by landscapers, schools, golf courses and organic growers. Our fertilizers have been aggressively tested in independent studies at Iowa State University to ensure product performance. Renaissance has consistently demonstrated over the years, under various weather conditions, that it provides superior product performance

  • Low and Zero phosphorous blends
  • Slow Release, Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • All Natural Ingredients: Soybean/Feather meal based
  • Easy to Spread with standard spreader
  • Excellent coverage -- 50lb bag covers 5000sf
  • NO Manure, urea, sewage sludge or burning

PJC's Renaissance All Natural Organic Fertilizers comply with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards, OMRI listed blends, have been approved for use by NOFA, Bay State and MOSA organic certifiers and are on the USDA BioPreferred Product list.

Granular Fertilizer Blends

Liquid Fertilizer

Soy Food Substrate (SFS), 13-0-0: derived from Soy flour. SFS is high in readily available WIN Nitrogen, but void of P (Phosphorous) and K (Potassium). For this reason, those who use SFS like it because it adds quick release nitrogen and stimulates a wealth of biological activity. SFS is a wettable powder and may be applied by itself or as an additive with most companion materials - best applied in liquid tank mixes.

Nature's Essence FH, 2-3-1: derived from Hydrolyzed Fish. Nature's Essence is compatible with most other liquid materials, 100% water-soluble and is suitable for conventional liquid foliar and irrigation water applications.

Blood Meal, 13-0-0: derived from non-prohibited Ruminant blood meal.

LC 5-0-0: derived from Natural Nitrate of Soda and soluble Humic Acids. Great for cold or warm climates. The water soluble nitrogen is fully available to plants and micro-organisms. The humic acid helps sequester the N and buffer the salt index. It is compatible with most liquid materials, 100% water-soluble and is suitable for conventional liquid, foliar and irrigation-water applications

LC 5-0-3: same as LC 5-0-0 except with added Sulfate of Potash.


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