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Soil Amendments
  • Lime & Gypsum
  • Humates & Raw Leonardite
  • Pelleted Compost
  • All Purpose Plant Supplements
  • Kelp/Seaweed
  • Sulfur
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Mychorrhizae
  • Compost Tea Brewer Kits
  • Molasses

  • Lime Gypsum

    Lime provides at least three important benefits to growing healthy turf; improves soil chemistry, encourages beneficial soil biology and improves soil structure. The function of lime is to raise pH of acidic soil so grass wants to grow. Grass grows best with a pH of 6.5 - 6.8. Below and above this range fewer macro and micro nutrients are available. Both microbial and earthworm activity is affected by pH contributing to the availability of nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorous in the soil.

    Calcitic lime: High Efficiency and Standard
    Improves soil pH and calcium levels without effecting magnesium. High efficiency limes use approximately 1/5 amount as standard lime saving in product and labor.

    Dolomitic lime: High Efficiency and Standard
    Improves soil pH and calcium and magnesium levels magnesium. High efficiency limes use approximately 1/5 amount as standard lime saving in product and labor.

    Gypsum: High Efficiency and Standard
    For soils low in calcium nut not requiring changes to soil pH.

    Humates Leonardite

    Soil conditioner increase availability and uptake of nutrients, high cation exchange capacity (CEC), increases soil aeration, reduces thatch build up, enhances plant growth and is a food source for soil microbes.

    Granular: HumAmend MAX & L85 Leonardite; Liquid Concentrate: Tera Vita LC10 & LC12 containing10-12% active humic acids and Soluble Powder: Tera Vita SP85 & SP90 containing 85-90% humic acid content.

    Pelleted Compost

    Finesse GVH: homogeneously mixed and granulated earthworm compost, raw leonardite and soluble humate. Easy way to add organic matter and maximize the benefits of compost top dressing but in a stable, concentrated form.

    Finesse SVC: 100% earthworm castings. For use in landscape beds and potting mixes - incorporate with the soil when planting. Use as 1/2" top dressing in annual color beds before mulching. Athletic Fields mix with sand for top dressing or in Golf Course divot mix.

    Plant Supplement

    Influence: derived from humic acids, seaweed extract, yucca extract, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, cobalt sulfate, boric acid, molybdenum oxide, lactic acid cultures, organic sulfate of potash. Liquid formulation of natural stress reducing plant hormones, valuable micro-nutrients and trace elements, beneficial microorganisms, organic soil conditioners and organic fertility supplements. Due to the complex interaction of ingredients, this product should ideally be applied by itself.

    Hyphalink: blend of soluble humate and soluble seaweed extract, 100% soluble powder. It is designed to be an effective complex biological food substrate for use on all types of plants and in all types of soils.

    Super Activated Inoculant (SAI): ProBiotic solution derived from purified and structured Water, Organic Sugar Cane Molasses, Lactic Acid Cultures, Orgasnic Mineral Powder, Sea Salt, Organic Rice Bran. Liquid formulation of trace elements and beneficial microorganisms.


    Made from dehydrated Ascophylum nodosum seaweed. Sea plant rich in micro-nutrients and provides resistance to disease, insects, drought and frost.


    Elemental sulfur is a vital secondary macronutrient that can be applied to deficient soils or around acid loving plants to lower pH.

    Potassium Sulfate

    Potassium sulfate is a natural mineral containing 50 percent soluble potash and 17 percent sulfur; it also contains trace amounts of calcium and magnesium.


    Mycorrhizae fungi attache to plant roots and create a web-like network that increases the surface area of nutrient absorption for plants.

    HyphaLink EDG Stripped: blend of 3 strains of endomycorrhizae. Effective on most turf grasses.

    HyphaLink EEI: complex inoculant derived from a diverse blend of endo and ecto mycorrhizae, trichoderma, beneficial bacteria, soluble humate, soluble seaweed, soluble yucca, amino acids and a complete B-complex vitamin package with other valuable vitamins and biological compounds. Effective for a wide variety of plant species and soils.

    HyphaLink Endo-Ecto Transplant: granular blend of 11 strains of endo/ecto mycorrhizae and 5 strains of bacteria that is mixed in the soil backfill or potting mix during planting. Effective for a wide variety of plant species and soils.

    Compost Tea

    Aerobically Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) Brewing Kits are comprised of extensively researched ingredients which consistently yield high numbers of beneficial micro-organisms in every brew. Each brewing kit comes with enough foods and compost to properly make the total number of gallons listed with the kit.


    Non-Sulfured molasses provides a natural source of bio-stimulants and trace minerals. Use this liquid directly in or on the soil, in compost tea formulas and/or in spray tank formulas.

    Grass Seed

    Our Premium Grass Seed mixtures have been evaluated through the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP). We can custom blend to meet your specifications.

    Turf Blankets

    PJC is a distributor of Cover Sports FieldSaver Winter Turf Blankets/Growth Covers. Maximize your growing season, superior product - superior results. Worth the investment!

    Soil Testing

    Soil Testing assistance and interpretation - Take any course on organic lawn care, view an article on the internet or read a book, the first thing you are told to do is take a soil test. So you dutifully take a soil sample, send it off to a lab; get the results back then what? If its not Greek to you, it will be to your clients.

    PJC Organic through analyzing tens of thousands of soil test results has developed its own proprietary algorithm to interpret the soil test results in view of an All Natural Organic Lawn Care Program. PJC takes the results from an independent commercial lab and puts them in a format that will make sense to you and your clients with product specific recommendations.

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