PJC Ecological

We know organic fertilization. With our services, your lawn will crowd out weeds, be drought & insect tolerant, require less maintenance, & be played on at all times!

We meet your turf care needs. Choose from our full-service or DIY fertilization programs. Whatever works best for you.

Establish a lush lawn with our  products & recommended cultural practices.

Are you tired of searching for an organic fertilizer that really works? Does every season feel like trial and error to achieve a healthy lawn? Done scrolling through ingredient lists only to find hidden toxins? We’ve been there and we can help. Through over twenty years in the turf care industry we’ve found what works…naturally.

PJC Ecological works with homeowners who want to treat their properties with all-natural organic products. We believe you should be able to lounge in your yard all season long. That’s why all of the products we use in our fertilization programs are safe for you, your children, pets, and the environment. That means you never have to avoid or stay off your lawn.

We focus on improving your lawn’s soil so that it favors grass, is more drought tolerant, and holds nutrients better. When we care for a lawn it always begins with a soil test. Soil testing ensures your lawn is receiving what it specifically needs.

It is possible to have a beautiful lawn free from synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Let us prove it to you.