Full-Service Organic Fertilization

To help you achieve a healthy lawn, PJC Ecological offers full-service organic fertilization. Our 6 program levels are determined by soil tests, lawn conditions, your budget, & expectations.  

PJC’s organic turf programs enhance your property and are safe for your family, pets and the environment. We’ve specialized in All-Natural Organic Turf Care (OTC) since 2002. So, we know what it takes to achieve the lawn of your dreams. We work with you, because what we do (organic products) is as important as what you do (cultural practices). Therefore, through organic products and cultural practices you can establish a dense lawn. A healthy lawn crowds out weeds, is more drought and insect tolerant, lower maintenance and can be played on at all times! 


Full-Service Fertilization

PJC Ecological offers 6 program levels.  Full-Service Programs include:

  • Soil Testing (see below) 
  • 3 Applications of PJC ProHealthy Turf All-Natural Organic Fertilizer
  • Soil Amendments based on soil test results (up to 6 applications)
  • Fall Aeration and Over-seeding
  • Grub control using cedar-based product or Hb nematodes (depending on environmental conditions)
  • 3 Site Visits with progress notes and trouble spots identified
  • “Safe to Play On” lawn flag after each visit to show your commitment to the environment
  • Add on Services:  seed slicing and lawn fix

Soil Testing

All of our Organic Turf Care Programs begin with a soil test.  

Soil testing provides critical information about the current state of the soil. It determines the type and amount of soil amendments needed. Lastly, soil testing is used as a baseline to set expectations and determine which PJC program level is best for your property.

PJC Ecological takes a soil sample from your property. Then, an independent laboratory tests the pH, buffer pH, organic matter, cation exchange capacity and Ca:Mg. Soil test results and recommendations are provided in an easy-to-understand format. When you sign up for one of our full-service fertilization programs the cost of the soil test is applied to the program.

Foundation Plant Fertilization Program

  • Liquid application of biological stimulants and organic fertilizer injected directly to the root zone of your foundation plantings.
  • Applied 2 times per season – spring & fall.

Tick Control

  • We treat areas where ticks like to live. Along wood lines, under decks, and in shrubs, we use essential oils and backpack blowers. 
  • Our tick service will also have some effect on mosquitos.
  • Applications are April → September; 2x the first month and once a month after.
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